I have not slept for so long
Dreams circle in a holding pattern
Desperate to land on the brain pan

Dozens of dreams with no place to go
Are circling and losing altitude….
Some begin to fall in tight spirals,
Crashing and exploding into fireballs on the tarmac

Dreams of hope for the future
Dreams of loved ones
Dreams of relief from suffering for all sentient beings

Fallen dreams; disintegrate
I run onto the tarmac
And attempt to catch them before they crash and explode

Grabbing them here and there
I stack them on the side of the runway,
Storing them for future use

Finally the dreams stop falling
And I find my way to the control tower

On the horizon there are dozens more
I am at the controls
But they are floating away

The blips on the radar screen disappear

It starts to rain so
I rush out to the tarmac to collect the rescued dreams
But they are melting

I find one at the bottom of the pile that’s not ruined
I put it underneath my jacket next to my chest

As I run for the hangar I feel it beat next to my heart

I don’t know what this dream is but I am saving it no matter what….